Nafshenu Celebrates Passover in Style

Passover 5758 (2022) is in the books. However, it did not pass without Nafshenu’s celebration of the Jewish People and their exodus from Egypt. Led by Noah Levine and Rabbi David Goodman, the Passover seder was a celebration of freedom form oppression of our ancestors and today’s Jews. 

Rather than the traditional first or second night of Passover seder, Nafhsneu opted to celebrate Passover as it was leaving, on the last night. Congregants and guests gathered at Prince of Peace Church under the tent to hear the story of the Jews exodus from Egypt, sing songs, and celebrate Passover, Earth Day, and the Sabbath. 

The seder was unique to Nafshenu. It included pieces of a traditional seder as well as pieces from other, less traditional Haggadah, making for a glorious celebration of life as well as an examination of what we want to see in the world as we move forward this year and beyond. 

After about 35 minutes of prayer and song, our wonderful rabbi said the words we longed to here: “Let’s eat!” food was provided by the Kibbitz room and other local establishments. The congregants enjoyed food, wine, and fun while the youngest of the group enjoyed the search for the afikomen. 

If there was any complaint to be had, it would be that we needed more time to enjoy each other, and the beautiful evening G-d had provided for our celebration. 

Nafshenu is a donation-based community and a member of Reconstructing Judaism. We work to ensure no one is turned away from enjoying Jewish life. Learn more about Nafshenu and our amazing organization at

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